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Promoting Joint Cooperation with International Law Enforcement Agencies

Asset Recovery Interagency Network - Asia-Pacific(ARIN-AP)
  • The KPS serves as the Secretariat of the ARIN-AP, which was established for law enforcement agencies in Asia and the Pacific to exchange information on criminal proceeds.
  • As a Secretariat, the KPS maintains a system of cooperation with overseas law enforcement agencies in the field of criminal proceeds recovery by dealing with administrative issues and organizing various meetings.
International Association of Prosecutors(IAP)
  • The International Association of Prosecutors is an international association with about 177 member countries around the world to strengthen international cooperation in prosecutorial work.
  • As a member of the IAP, the KPS is strengthening direct cooperation with prosecutors overseas by attending various meetings organized by the IAP.
Korean Prosecutors Association(KPA)
  • The Korean Prosecutors Association is an international network established to promote exchanges and cooperation among Korean prosecutors who are actively involved in various parts of the world.
  • The KPS has been actively engaged in exchanges with the KPA by holding regular seminars to identify the international trends in prosecutorial work and to establish a channel to cooperate with Korean prosecutors around the world.

Direct Cooperation with Foreign Law Enforcement Agencies

  • The KPS has signed MOUs with 30 law enforcement agencies in 26 countries including the US and China to establish a foundation for direct cooperation with overseas law enforcement agencies for investigation, trial and execution of sentences.
  • The KPS has been strengthening partnerships that can lead to international cooperation by holding high-level and working-level meetings, and seminars with major law enforcement agencies.