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About Prosecution

About Prosecution

The Korean Prosecution Service(KPS) has established law and order of
the society and protects citizens and their human rights. As the nation's
highest law enforcement agency, its mission is to protect every citizen and
the society, and defend the nation from various crimes.

To that end, prosecutors investigate crimes, supervise and command judicial
police officers, initiate and maintain indictment and supervise enforcement
of given sentences.

The KPS mainly consists of prosecutors,
criminal investigators and administrative assistants.


  1. 01 Investigate crimes, initiate and maintain indictment
  2. 02 Supervise and command judicial police officers regarding crime investigation
  3. 03 File a warrant to court
  4. 04 Supervise and command enforcement of given sentences
  5. 05 Implement lawsuits on behalf of the nation and administrative lawsuits or supervise the implementation of the lawsuits
  6. 06 Implement other authority under other laws

Criminal Investigators

  1. 01 Conduct what prosecutors order regarding investigation.
  2. 02 Document criminal cases and preserve them.
  3. 03 Assist prosecutors who implement lawsuits on behalf of the nation and administrative lawsuits, document and preserve them.
  4. 04 Do clerical works on prosecution administration.

Administrative Assistants

Administrative assistants help prosecutors and criminal investigators do their jobs without problems and end up successful criminal investigation.