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Importance of International Cooperation

  • Globalization has led to a rapid increase in transnational crimes, criminals fleeing overseas, and outflow of criminal proceeds, and international cooperation in response to crimes has become a necessity, not an option.
  • Under the leadership of the International Cooperation Division at Supreme Prosecutors' Office, the KPS actively cooperates with foreign law enforcement agencies to prevent any gaps caused by globalization in the process of investigation, trial and execution of sentences.

Main Duties of International Cooperation Division

Repatriation of criminals fleeing overseas
  • We identify the whereabouts of criminals who fled the country, and repatriate them to Korea through procedures such as extradition and deportation.
Tracking and recovering overseas criminal proceeds
  • If the profits acquired by a crime are leaked overseas, the leakage process is tracked and the property owned by the criminal at overseas is recovered.
Collecting evidence on overseas materials
  • We collect and provide evidence that is difficult to secure in Korea, but is necessary to determine whether there is a suspicion for the investigation.
International cooperative investigation of serious crimes
  • For serious crimes such as fair trade cases and intellectual property cases, we actively share relevant information with major law enforcement agencies abroad and conduct cooperative investigation.