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NDFC (National Digital Forensic Center)

Following the establishment of the National Digital Forensic Center (“NDFC”) in 2008 to combat crimes that are becoming increasingly sophisticated and intelligent, the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office of the Republic of Korea launched the Forensic Science Investigation Department by integrating scientific investigation-related departments in 2015. Since then, the NDFC has advanced the forensic science investigation system by expanding the specialized manpower and facilities and introducing hi-tech investigation equipment. The NDFC is constantly striving to identify substantial truth through rapid and precise analysis of evidences extracted from various data, resarches on scientific investigation and analysis techniques, and collection and analysis techniques of digital evidences. In addition, the NDFC has established partnerships with 24 national and international organizations, held the general assembly of the 2017 ISFG (International Society of Forensic Genetics), and enforced the G7 24/7 cyber crime response network cooperation system so as to lead the international standard of forensic science investigation worldwide.

Forensic Science Division

We are consolidating the ground for scientific investigation by promoting R&D on advanced analysis techniques.

  • Doc Exam, Psychological Detection of Deception, Statement Validity Assessment, Fire Investigation
  • Image and Voice Analysis, Multimedia Recovery
  • Planning and Management of Video Recording System and Investigation Equipment

Forensic Genetics & Chemistry Division

We are making efforts to build a crime-free nation by providing critical evidence against violent crimes with world-class forensic chemistry and DNA analysis technology.

  • Forensic Chemistry & Drug Analysis
  • DNA analysis & Non-Human DNA Analysis
  • DNA-DB Operation

Digital Forensic Division

As digital devices are becoming more diverse, the volume of data in need of investigation is increasing year on year.
As a result, it is becoming increasingly essential for a law enforcement agency to develop investigators through verious trainings for best practice in the digital forensic field.
Now, we are offering digital forensic training courses to investigators in the Association of Law Enforcement Agencies in Korea.
With digital forensics, we have recently moved one step closer to revealing the truth about crime.

  • Computer·Mobile·DB Forensics
  • Anti-Anti Forensics, Human Resource Development, Research and Development
  • Digital Forensic Infrastructure

Cybercrime Investigation Division

We support investigation on major cybercrimes, establish policies, build high-tech investigative infrastructure, and cooperate with the private/public sector at national and international level.

  • Cyber Crime Investigation Support
  • R&D on Cyber Crime Investigation techniques
  • National and International Cooperation