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Prosecutor General, Republic of Korea. Kim O Su Picture

Prosecutor General, Republic of Korea. Yoon Seok Youl. 윤석열

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I am KIM O-SU, the Prosecutor General.

Our nation’s criminal justice system, which has functioned for more than seven decades, has been reformed.
Since my inauguration as Prosecutor General, I have felt a great sense of responsibility to perform my role during this critical period when we have to get the new criminal justice system settled as soon as possible and reconstruct the role of the Korean Prosecution Service (KPS).

The KPS is committed to become “the Prosecution Service for the People.”
The KPS will perform its duties for the sole purpose of fulfilling our core responsibilities owed to our citizens, and we will boldly reform our investigative practices and organizational culture for this purpose only.

If we have focused on looking at the forest in the past, we will now carry out our mission to pursue the truth based on concrete evidence by detecting and rectifying injustice under specific circumstances of individual citizens as if we take care of each and every tree that forms the forest.

The KPS pledges to become a trustworthy organization by handling our cases with fairness and impartiality, and by strengthening our role of judicial control.
All members of the KPS will join forces to become “One Team” for our citizens.

I sincerely wish all of you and your family’s happiness and well-being.
Thank you very much!