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About Prosecution

About Prosecution

Supreme Prosecutors' Office (SPO)

The main duty is to direct and supervise the Prosecutors' Offices nationwide, including their investigation. The Prosecutor General is responsible for the SPO's work, checks the affairs of the Prosecution Service as a whole, and directs all public officials in the Prosecution.

Prosecutor General

The Prosecutor General is responsible for the SPO's overall work, oversees Prosecution affairs, directs and supervises public officials of the Prosecution Service.

Deputy Prosecutor General

The Deputy Prosecutor General assists the Prosecutor General and acts on behalf of the Prosecutor General, if necessary.

Administration Bureau

Management Assistance Division

The Management Assistance Division is in charge of matters concerning security, personnel, documents, budget, management of official seals, and commodities.

Welfare Services Division

The Welfare Services Division deals with welfare, and manages full-time employees except for public servants, and manages buildings and properties of the Prosecution Service.

Emergency Safety Division

The Emergency Safety Division coordinates and confirms all plans related to national emergency issues.

Planning & Coordination Department

Policy & Planning Division

The Policy & Planning Division is responsible for major task planning, reviews Prosecution Service's opinions regarding statutes and the amendments, and manages administrative issues.

Information & Communication Division

The Information & Communication Division manages and develops IT issues of the Prosecution Service, operates and manages technical equipment, data, and telecommunication devices.

Anti-Corruption & Organized Crimes Department

Anti-Corruption Supervision & Support Division

The Anti-Corruption Supervision & Support Division directs and supervises issues concerning cases ordered by the Prosecutor General; plans and coordinates investigation tasks determined by the Prosecutor General; and supports investigation into cases ordered by the Prosecutor General.

Criminal Asset Recovery Division

The Criminal Asset Recovery Division conducts a research and development on techniques for criminal asset recovery; and tracks criminal assets and supports the recovery for cases ordered by the Prosecutor General.

Narcotics & Organized Crimes Division

The Narcotics & Organized Crimes Division directs, supervises, and analyzes narcotics cases; assigns and arranges domestic and international training for narcotics investigation officials; operates drug investigation workforce; manages budget for narcotics investigation and compensation to informants; establishes a comprehensive plan for prevention and crackdown on narcotics crimes; organizes and participates in international conferences for drug investigation cooperation; shares information on extradition and drug investigation; and allocates work on violent and organized crime cases.

Criminal Department

Criminal Division I

The Criminal Division I manages economic and traffic accident cases, complaints, internal investigation and petitions.

Criminal Division II

The Criminal Division II directs and supervises environment, public health, adolescent cases, and issues related to special judicial police.

Criminal Division III

The Criminal Division III deals with violent crimes and crimes resulting in mass victims.

Criminal Division IV

The Criminal Division IV deals with women, sexual violence, domestic violence, child abuse, criminal victim protection and support, and criminal mediation.

Department of National Security, Election & Labor

National Security Division

The National Security Division plans public security investigation affairs, and collects, preserves, and manages data relating to public security investigation; and is in charge of cases involving national security, terrorism, immigration, inter-Korean exchange and cooperation, and deals with security surveillance procedures under Security Surveillance Act.

Election Division

The Election Division deals with election cases, political parties, and political fund cases.

Labor Division

The Labor Division covers labor-related and collective action-related cases.

Criminal Trial & Civil Litigation Department

Criminal Trial Division I

The Criminal Trial Division I is in charge of appellate cases to the Supreme Court.

Criminal Trial Division II

The Criminal Trial Division II operates standards for case procedures in the Prosecution Service, and sentencing information system, and collects and analyzes the data for prosecutors' sentence proposals.

Penalty Enforcement Division

The Penalty Enforcement Division directs and supervises execution of pecuniary punishment.

Forensic Science Investigation Department

Forensic Science Division

The Forensic Science Division develops and operates scientific investigation techniques; examines and analyzes materials relating to criminal investigation; secures, develops and operates scientific investigation equipment; manages DNA information; and guides and provides training concerning the affairs referred to the above.

Forensic Genetics & Chemistry Division

The Forensic Genetics & Chemistry Division analyzes DNA, forensic chemistry and forensic biology samples, and manages relevant database; conducts a research and development on analysis of DNA, forensic chemistry, and forensic biology, and relates investigation techniques; secures, develops and operates analyzing equipment for DNA, forensic chemistry and forensic biology; deals with other matters relating to examining and analyzing DNA, forensic chemistry and forensic biology; and guides and provides training concerning the affairs referred to the above.

Digital Forensic Division

The Digital Forensic Division analyzes digital evidence; conducts a research and development on analyzing techniques for digital evidence, on digital scientific investigation techniques, and on computer programs for scientific investigation; and guides and provides training concerning the affairs referred to the above.

Cybercrime Investigation Division

The Cybercrime Investigation Division supports cybercrime case investigation; supervises cybercrime case investigation ordered by the Prosecutor General; conducts a research and development on investigation techniques for cybercrimes; secures, develops and operates equipment for cybercrime investigation; implements international investigation cooperation relating to the affairs mentioned above; and guides and provides training concerning the affairs referred to the above.

Inspection Department

Inspection Division I

The Inspection Division I investigates and collects information regarding alleged violations committed by public officials(excluding senior prosecutors) of the Prosecution Service, and deals with the property registration of public officials of the Prosecution.

Inspection Division II

The Inspection Division II conducts performance and discipline audits, and performance evaluation.

Inspection Division III

The Inspection Division III investigates and collects information regarding alleged violations committed by senior prosecutors, and conducts a research and development on inspection statutes.

Human Rights Policy Office

Human Rights Planning Division

The Human Rights Planning Division plans human rights affairs related to the Prosecution Service, and reviews and studies human rights-related statutes, systems and policies; and provides human rights training to employees in the Prosecution.

Human Rights Supervision Division

The Human Rights Supervision Division directs and supervises cases related to human rights violations by employees in the Prosecution Service; and prevents, reviews and handles human rights violations related to prosecution affairs.

Gender Equality Policy Division

The Gender Equality Policy Division establishes gender equality policy and implements gender equality system reform in the Prosecution Service; and responds to and prevents sexual misconducts within the Prosecution.

Criminal Justice Policy Office

The Criminal Justice Policy Office conducts a research on prosecution system reform and implements the reform; researches criminal justice-related system and policy; and exchanges and cooperates with relevant agencies for criminal policy issues related to the prosecution system.

Investigative Intelligence Office

The Investigative Intelligence Office collects, manages, analyzes and verifies crime information, and directs district prosecutors' offices regarding crime information.

International Cooperation Division

The International Cooperation Division directs and supports international cooperation affairs of the Prosecution Service.

Office of Spokesperson

The Office of Spokesperson is a principle point of contact of the Prosecutors' Offices; manages and analyzes press releases, and reacts to misinformation and distortions; supports and cooperates with the media, and manages events and statistics; operates and supports electronic briefing; and covers other public announcement.

Prosecution Research Officers

The Prosecution Research Officers make a research on prosecution affairs ordered by the Prosecutor General, assisting the Prosecutor General.