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Clear judgement and true justice

Balanced perspective on the world

Warm hearts serving the public

Korean prosecutors always strive for the happiness of the people.
Now, public prosecutors start a positive change to get closer to the citizens.

Prosecutors, getting close to the public
'Serving the best interest of the people'

The promulgation of the Court Organization Act in 1895 introduced the modern prosecution system to Korea, giving Korean prosecutors the right to investigate crimes, and initiate and maintain prosecution. And prosecutor's office became an independent quazi-judicial body with the enactment and promulgation of Prosecutors' Office Act in 1948.

Since then, Korean public prosecutors have been staying right beside the public, upholding basic ideals including human rights, justice, and free democracy.

The most important duty of prosecutors is to uphold society's law and order, to defend justice, and to protect lives and properties of the public from various crimes.
To this end, prosecutors investigate crimes, collect evidence, control and supervise private police officers, lead the execution of trials, and perform state and administrative litigations.

All members of prosecutors offices, including not only prosecutors but also investigators and administrative assistants, are dedicating themselves for the public.
Currently, under the Supreme Prosecutors' Office, there are 62 prosecutors' offices in Korea including 5 High Prosecutors' Offices, 18 District Prosecutors' Offices, and 38 Branch offices. And over 9,000 administrative officers nationwide are doing their best to protect the public from hideous crimes.

na> Prosecutors will uphold social justice incorporating public opinion.

Today, our society is witnessing various new crimes. To respond to this challenge expeditiously, all departments including Department of Criminal, Criminal Trial, Special Investigation, Public Security, and Narcotics & Organized Crime, and High-Tech Criminal Investigation Division are doing their part, cooperating with each other in prosecutors' offices.

For more scientific investigation, the Supreme Prosecutors' Office is operating 'Digital Forensic Center' whose Drug and DNA detecting techniques were accredited by Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme. And the Office's 'Internet Crime Investigation Center' is strengthening international cooperation and exchanges in internet crime investigation. On top of this, the 'Technology Espionage Investigation Center' is proactively responding to tech leakage offenses to protect domestic corporations' technology competitiveness.

Prosecutors are at the forefront of securing social justice.
To create a society where hard working and talented people are rewarded, prosecutors are working hard to eliminate deep-rooted corruption and irregularities through rigorous investigation on bribery case, illegal political campaign funds, corporate crime and other cases involving prominent figures.

As the guardian angel of the Constitution, Korean prosecutors are helping all citizens live freely and peacefully, turning many social conflicts into positive changes within the framework of the law and principles.
na> Public prosecutors will always be there when the public needs our help.

Public prosecutors have always been listening to criminals as well, showing generosity and sympathy within the limits of law. Prosecutors Offices are operating 'Digital recording Interrogation Room‘ to protect the rights of suspects during investigation stage. And interrogation room specially designed for female, juvenile and the disabled suspects is also being operated.

Meanwhile, with certain conditions, financial aid is being provided to the people whose lives are endangered because of criminal activities. And depending on cases, public prosecutors provide free lawsuit to those victims and offer various mental and medical supports in collaboration with Crime Victims Support Center.

Additionally, prosecutors deliver legal remedies to the disabled and the poor, and actively participate in social voluntary activities. The activities range from flood relief to free meal support for the elderly living alone and children with family to support.

Currently, many public prosecutors are sent to various countries including the U.N., the U.S., Japan, and China to establish international mutual assistance system in criminal affairs. This enables public prosecutors to resolve legal issues of overseas Koreans and protect their human rights.

na> public prosecutors will always pursue principles and righteousness to gain public trust

The prosecution organized the Prosecution Policy Advisory Committee of Prosecutors to listen to various views from the public for a better prosecution system and improved work process of prosecutors.

Besides that, prosecutors' offices are listening with care to the people through 'Appellate Review Meeting', 'Citizen monitor' program and 'Citizen Ombudsman' System. To secure trustworthy and transparent internal inspection of the prosecution, the Supreme Prosecutors' Office appoints Director General of Inspection Department using external recruiting system, and is operating Inspection Committee represented by outside commissioners.

Public Prosecutors will incorporate people's opinions into their legal operation, ensure independence from undue influence, and defend political neutrality and investigative autonomy.

Considering that this is what the citizens really expect from them, public prosecutors will make utmost efforts to gain trust from the citizens.

Now, Korean prosecutors are becoming truly international.

In 2004, the 9th General Meeting of the IAP was held in seoul, gathering 577 former and incumbent prosecutors from 90 countries. And as the vice president of the IAP representing the Asian region was selected in 2008, the status of Korean prosecutors in the international community is enhancing to further

To actively adapt to globalization, the Supreme Prosecutors' Office has launched the 'International Cooperation Center' to strengthen exchanges with foreign legal organizations and international ties between prosecutors.

Prosecutors well recognize that only by gaining the hearts and minds from the public can public prosecutors grow further. So they are resolved to be the closest neighbor to the people so that the citizens can trust and depend on the prosecutors.
To build a society where justice, the human rights, and hope are available to all, public prosecutor of Korea will endeavor to stay right beside the people and serve their best interest.

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